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Shared Hosting High Quality Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Blog, Shared Hosting Standard, Shared Hosting Business -- No matter the need we have you covered with our many options. Come join with a *free domain to host your blog or bring/purchase a domain to host your new business online. Getting you setup is a snap!

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Wordpress Hosting 24/7 WordPress Management, Free Plans available, *Daily Backups Available

WordPress makes it easy, just login and begin creating. Enjoy features like *included daily backups, Daily site analytics (using google analytics), and anytime access you have an internet connection.

Free options available
openings are limited.
If interested Contact-Us Below.

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Private Hosting Need dedicated hardware with more freedom?

With Private Hosting we offere options tailored to your needs. Multiple users, domain email, mysql/MariaDB, and more. With private hosting you have more control over every aspect of your little (or big) domain.

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High Quality And Efficient Products

ZB-Servers has the best infrastructure and the best price for web hosting.

Shared Hosting

An inactive website means that there is a high probability that you will miss out on opportunities to interact with a customer (or potential customer). That's why we offer a *97.9% guaranteed uptime service.

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Wordpress Hosting

Create a Wordpress site that you will love. 30-day guarantee. Guaranteed fast and reliable Wordpress hosting with a 30-day guarantee on any monthly Wordpress website. Cheap hosting fast loading with ZB-Servers and Wordpress.

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Private Hosting

Need dedicated resources and more versatility? Get a virtual server utilizing state of the art SSD's and Error Correcting RAM.
Private unshared resources at your disposal.

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With ZB-Servers You Have Many Advantages

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Local & Tailored Support

Support tailored to each individual owners needs and wants. You're my customer not a number.

Our Mission

To bring everyone an affordable, Colorado owned option for website hosting.

Hosting Services

Our hosting solutions currently cover hosting websites. We support Wordpress, html5, css, php, mysql, MariaDB and more.

All In One Place

Let ZB-Servers take care of all your needs-- whether its obtaining an SSL for your site, or securing a domain name we have you covered.

Every Feature Your Site Could Ask For

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Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage *

With Shared Hosting, there’s no limit to the amount of disk space when you go with an unlimited tier. That means when your site goes viral, you don’t have to stress about storage.

*Not included in free or basic plan
Virtualmin Panel

Get admin access to everything needed to power your website full throttle. Easily create new email accounts and Let’s Encrypt SSL, forward domains, add users, and install WordPress in seconds.

Earn FREE domain registration

You earn 1 year of free domain registration by choosing the premium hosting package (up to $49.99). Don’t miss this opportunity to save.

FREE Email Account

Need 1 or 10 emails choose the plan for you (1 always free) we have you covered @your-domain.com. Just get any hosting plan shared with us. Get a professional email.

Privacy Protection In Domain

Did you know that registering a domain gives the whole world access to your information? Get PRIVACY PROTECTION for your domain at litte to no cost.

FREE SSL Certificate Security

Get SSL certificate for free on any shared hosting plan you choose with us. We value security and that’s why we provide this service and many other services related to the security of your site free.

Automated Backups Daily Free

The single most important thing you can do to keep your website safe? Back it up. ZB-Servers makes this easy — we create automatic backups of your WordPress website every day.

Instant WordPress Setup

We can install WordPress for you!* On hosting plans supporting multiple sites, use our effortless 1-click installer to make more WordPress instances in seconds. Installation is always optional.

List of questions

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of our frequently asked questions related to the services listed on this page.

If you cannot find the answer to your question or would like more information on the subject, you can contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you.

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About Us

ZB-Servers offers customers convenient hosting options at an affordable price. We are local and cater only to those locally around us currently; however, this allows me to specifically spend time with my customers and give expected results.

Founded in Las Vegas in 2021, ZB-Servers became a reality and was no longer a dream but a functioning '.COM'. ZB-Servers has been continuing operation with a relocation to a much cooler climate in Denver, CO. I decided at this point it was time to revamp our site and what we offer.

In the late 90's I began creating websites for fun and eventually started my first site that was in production for a Humane Society in my small hometown. This was before visual editors and was all done in code. I found my passion then and those days back then were what got me hooked into the world of websites and coding/creating.